Success Story on Amazon: How a Cosmetics Brand Doubled its Revenue in 6 Months

At the beginning of 2022, a cosmetic brand approached us with several uncertainties, seeking to explore the potential of a direct launch on Amazon.

After extensive discussions, we successfully persuaded them to undertake a trial.

Initial assessment: Unexploited immediate revenue potential of €8,000/month – Numerous products from the brand were already available on Amazon through resellers, but with visual degradation and compromised SEO.

1) Swift Launch in 30 days:

– Account creation
– KYC verification
– Brand Registry
– Integration of the existing 10 references in FBA
– Creation of the Brand store and A+ Content

30 days later, the brand reclaimed 100% of the Buy Box and revenue, eliminating unwanted resellers and reestablishing a controlled presence on the platform.

New products were also introduced.

2) Brand Asset Takeover and Optimization:

-Creative: The current images mirrored those on Shopify. A mistake. On Amazon, the art lies in convincing consumers through the 6 product photos.

-SEO: Start by ranking for long-tail keywords before aspiring to reach the top 5.

-Amazon Ads: Initiate campaigns from Awareness to Upsell. Most importantly, guide the client to examine the KPIs at each stage of the funnel, not just the overall ROAS.

Subscribe & Save: Activate the automatic recurring order option. It takes 5 minutes and boosts the conversion rate by 0.5%.

Six months later: Monthly revenue doubled.

2023 Summary: Achieved €450,000 in revenue with numerous new projects planned for 2024, including launches in new countries and on new marketplaces.