Boost ROI: Switch to Amazon Ads for 2024 Success

A compelling summary for brands investing in PPC on GoogleADS and not or minimally AmazonADS. The reasons to consider making the switch by year-end are abundant :

 High Conversion Rates: Product searches on Amazon generate significantly higher conversion rates compared to Google Ads.

 Attribution Ease : Amazon Ads facilitates comprehensive customer journey tracking, enabling a better understanding of the value of each advertising campaign.

 SEO Impact : Unlike Google, sponsored ads on Amazon directly influence the organic ranking of products, providing brands with a faster opportunity to establish themselves in the market.

 Reviews and Long-Term Value : Amazon promotes customer reviews, enhancing branding and product ranking on the platform. Conversely, investments in Google Ads do not guarantee the same ripple effect: reviews and brand visibility improvement.

 Market Visibility : Amazon allows brands to more easily dominate search results, (see the example in the article on “Japanese BBQ sauce”), offering a significant conquest opportunity compared to Google Ads, which limits an advertiser’s dominance on the search results page.

 Need concrete proof ? 100% of winners took their chance.

Source Amazon.